One thought on “Super Citizen TV S02 E07

  • July 25, 2020 at 7:19 pm

    Good afternoon, I attended the rally for Vince’s Crab House today. It was good to see so much support for a local business. It was also interesting to observe the thugs who were there to simply be mean and negative. There is no conversation you can have with such people. Their issues do not include moving forward constructively, but rather squash those they hate and then move on to the next poor soul who gets in their way. I wanted to thank Pat McDonough and his wife for being there and informing those of us who did not know all the information about Vince’s Crab House and how they and others are pursuing legal action on their behalf. I am going to sign up for the Super Citizen membership and look forward to hearing more about what we can all do to stop this madness. Thank you again. Sincerely, Dale Livingston


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